Professional Who?

Professional Amateur is a one-man indie studio with a Triple-A passion for playing and creating games.

In the future, you’ll be able to follow game development progress on our blog (coming soon!) and YouTube channel (also coming soon!).

In the meantime, you can download Professional Amateur’s first game,
Jump ‘n’ Shoot Man!


That’s me! My name’s Brian and I’m an indie game dev, M&Ms junkie, and sometimes I’m funny. I’ve been in the  beautiful Greater Boston Area all my life.

I’m currently running my own little one-man game studio out of my apartment, with one game under my belt so far! Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

Like most developers, my dream is to someday turn my favorite pastime into a rewarding career, one game at a time.

You can follow my game-making journey over on Twitter.

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